Bounce House Rentals - Safety and Hygiene

While it is true that bounce houses are a lot of fun and a great entertainment, it is important to remember that it is also a great responsibility and we must not take it lightly. Many tend to see only the fun aspect of renting a bounce house, while forgetting the serious issue of safety.

As parents, we must always be watching for the security and well being of our children. It is essential that our children are under constant adult supervision while in the bouncing house.

Some important safety reminders

a) Shoes in the bounce house
Believe it or not, shoes in the bouncing house can be very dangerous. Many times you will find older kids jumping with smaller kids simultaneously in the jump house, where it is difficult to maintain balance. Suppose an older child did not take off his shoes and while jumping steps on the foot of a small child who did take his shoes off. The small child might suffer serious injury on his foot and even break his foot. To avoid accidents of this type it is essential that we all have our children take their shoes off before entering the bounce house.

b) Jumping Houses and sharp objects
While sharp objects can be great enemies of inflatable jumps, this is the least of the worries compared to one of our children being punctured by any one of these objects as they play in the bouncing house. Parents must act responsibly and ensure safe playing conditions for all children.

Other important responsibilities - Hygiene

a) Keep the bounce house clean
To find cake, gum, candy, chocolate inside the bounce houses might seem to some like ridiculous and unbelievable, but believe it or not, we have found all these things and more inside our units. PR BOUNCEHOUSE is a company that is committed to providing our customers with the best possible service, and this includes having all our equipment clean and in good condition. There are certain things that cause irreparable damage to the bouncing houses. For example, silly string on the nets is impossible to remove. Greasy food, gum, sticky candy are very hard to remove from the jump houses, and sometimes they leave permanent marks and stains on the material. To ensure that our customers receive top of the line equipments, we will charge every irresponsible customer for any damages caused to the bouncing houses.

Please cooperate with us in keeping all our units in good condition for future customers and even yourself. Everybody deserves to receive a product that is in great quality and excellent condition.


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PR Bounce Houses are Always Clean and Sanitized!
Be careful of companies cutting corner of offering cheaper prices, they may also be cutting corners with your Safety and Services too. If you find a lower rate? Look out for lower services, operating outside the law with worn out dirty equipments. We strive to be the leader in the industry, and pride ourselves on being on time, easy to work with and friendly. We are very Competitive! Clean, quality equipment and safety is our #1 Goal

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